Services for Expectant Parents

❤ Full Circle provides the opportunity for you to gather information about ALL your choices with adoption-trained and licensed adoption workers;

❤ Our goal is to help you make a decision for you and your expected child that you feel good about now and also in the years ahead;

❤ We provide the opportunity for you to learn more about ‘open adoption’ if you would like to consider staying in touch with your child and the adoptive family over the years;

❤ We help you consider ALL your options which may include terminating the pregnancy, considering a plan for your child with extended family or friends, deciding to single parent or to co-parent with the child’s father or other family/friends;
❤ If you would like this, we provide information about how to consider an adoption plan with a family you come to know through our program.

❤ We help you make a decision you can feel good about. We want you to feel at peace with yourself and comfortable with the decision you made in the years ahead;

❤ If you are interested in pursuing adoption, the agency’s licensed social workers can share profiles of prospective adoptive families and help you interview them by phone or in person if you’d like.

❤ The adoptive family can travel to your state to meet.

❤ All prospective adoptive families will have been thoroughly screened and evaluated in a process that is called a “home study”. This is an evaluation of the individuals, their relationship, their larger family and community circumstances as well as their actual home. Background checks are completed with regard to criminal law, child abuse/neglect, sex offender information and even a Federal FBI check. The agency reads letters from employers, friends, family and reviews health, counseling and financial records. A clinical social worker spends about 8-10 hours, spread out over a number of visits, getting to know the prospective adoptive parents well before they are approved to move forward in the adoption process.

❤ We take the time learn more about what you’re looking for in an adoptive family;

❤ The agency can provide, directly or through referral, assistance with housing, counseling or information advising, transportation, referral to and payment for medical services (by insurance or otherwise). The agency knows that, if you have other children, you may need help with child care as well.

❤ If you are considering parenting, we can review your options for child care, combining work with care for your child, organizing your finances and anticipating your and your child’s needs.

❤ You can reach Full circle Adoptions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: 1-800-452-3678.

❤ Thank you for your interest. Please let us know if we can help you.

Adoptive Families You Can Choose

Local Housing Options

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❤ Please let us know if we can help you ❤
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