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Jen & Mike

♥  Dear Expectant Parents, When we think about adoption, we do not only think about the joys we hope to know as parents. Your experience is upper-most in our minds. We imagine that considering an adoption plan is likely a very difficult decision for you to consider. Our hearts are full of respect for you […]

Rob & Alex

♥  Dear Expectant Parent: Our names are Rob and Alex. We are very excited about becoming parents, and are ready to provide a very loving and nurturing home for a child. We have been together for over 15 years and have always dreamed of fatherhood. We are very established in our careers and feel fortunate […]

Redemption of Faith

It started as a conversation about colonoscopies and ended as a family reunion. My friend Lauren was facing the prospect of a medical test and emailed friends, interested to hear the experiences of others. It’s so important to encourage people to take this test; I emailed her, “Give me a call.” I’d known Lauren casually in a larger circle of friends for about a decade. It was only at this moment that Lauren shared she was nervous about the test because she had no family medical history. “I’m adopted.” I was surprised this had never come up in conversation as she knew what I did for work. “I don’t really talk about it,” she acknowledged. What I had known is that Lauren had lost members of her family (her sister, mother and father) in a short span of years and had no immediate family left. I hadn’t known that this was her adoptive family. I immediately offered that, if she wanted to make connections with her birth-family, a member of our staff, Meredith Davies JD, LSW, who is also a genealogist, might be willing to help her in a search. Lauren thought about this and called me back a few weeks later saying she’d like that help.

The Supreme Court, Gay Marriage and Adoption

The Supreme Court handed down a decision regarding gay marriage and, in the course of the opinion, conveyed information relevant to child welfare. This essay will describe key aspects of the opinion and discuss these as they apply to adoption by parents who have a same gender partner or spouse. The “Cliff Notes” version of […]